Shamrock School presents “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”

Save the date! On Sunday December 16, 2018 Shamrock School students will present their annual play, followed by a sing along program. This year it’s Roal Dahl in the library:  “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”.

Organized by Mary Palmer. Backdrops paintings and props by Maëlle André. Sponsored and Graphic Design by weartone.org

Ticket price is 300 nrs and VIP front row ticket is 400 nrs.

Venue is in Fewa Resort in Dihikopatan in Lakeside, Pokhara at 5pm.

All proceeds go towards the school.

Poster illustration made by Indra Gurung from class 9 and ticket design by Sushila Ghale from class 8.

Link of the event here.

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