Kusum Tamang

Hello everyone, I’m Kusum Tamang. I’m 10 years old. There are 4 members of my family including me. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. They are very caring. I have one elder sister. She studies in class 7. I am from Lamjung. Now I study in class 5 in Shamrock School. Before coming here, I used to study in my village’s school. It was primary school. My present school is better than my previous school. For me, now, this school is like another home. When I first came to this I school, I found it difficult to adjust and remembered my family and home a lot. Now I like being part of this big family. Most of all, I like going to sports and learning different things. Because of facilities, I have good chance to get good education. I like making new friends and learning to be independent. I love Shamrock very much already!

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