Milan Gurung

When I joined shamrock in 2009, I was only 12 years old. I came from a rural village in Kaski so, I know much about life skills learning and creativity. After joining shamrock, I learnt things that changed me a lot. After seven years in Shamrock school as a student and now as a teacher, I feel proud to get such an opportunity to learn. Immediately after passing my SLC (school leaving certificate) in 2014 I started training to join the Gurkha regiment, since I had dreamt since childhood of becoming a Gurkha soldier.

Boosted by the inspiration from Duncan Cradden and Michael Newton (both ex- British Army) and with full dedication I completed the training. I was one of the top trainees of my institute, but unluckily I couldn’t pass my medical because of an unknown problem of my ear. However I didn’t give up. Soon after this difficult setback I started teaching and I covered lessons in shamrock for teacher who were off ill. I then volunteered at the school and joined college at the same time. With dedication towards study I came top of my class in my higher-level study out of 120 students.

I just sat my year 12 exams this year and I am currently working in shamrock as a mathematics teacher. I am also training for the Gurkhas to try for the last attempt. At the same time I am preparing for university in Business Administration.

Finally I would just like to say that the story of my life so far owes a lot to the opportunities given by Shamrock school to be a person with wide vision and the attitude to “never give up” on things. Shamrock has taught me to go on with things even you fail in one field. So I am working hard with my preparation and planning for the days ahead that will lead my life to be the best.

Thank you shamrock…. Never give up! – Milan Gurung

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  1. Andy

    You are definitely officer material Milan …. Whether in the Ghurkas or in corporate life I am sure you will achieve great things in your life. I am very glad I met you.

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