We are proud to announce that Kritika Kumari Sharma Has enrolled on a Master of Arts in English

Kritika Kumari Sharma

Kritika was the first Shamrock student to complete a BA Degree, gaining a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 2016, and has of today the 19/09/2019, started a two-year Master of Arts in English at the Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER) in Kathmandu. She once again achieved the highest score on both the entrance exam and the scholarship exam which gained her a full scholarship to study the MA; congratulations Kritika. Since graduating from her BBA, she has gained two years’ work experience working as the Women’s Empowerment Project coordinator for Global Vision International (GVI). Qualified as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Teacher. Spent six months in the US studying and passing the GRE qualification, and for the last four months volunteered at Shamrock as a warden teacher. We are convinced that she will continue to be the “topper” “A* grade” student she has always been and wish her all the very best for her future success

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