There are so many ways you can help our kids out in Nepal

Even without traveling to this beautiful land of mountains and smiles, you can help raise funds, suggest new ideas… When you do help, you will know it was the simply the best thing to do.


We dedicate 100% of our funds to “learning”. A regular contribution of only £12.50 per month will help educate a child/change a life. A further £40 provides food, shelter and clothing. We are grateful for every donation, large and small.


£12.50 per month pays for the teaching costs of one child. A further £40 per month to provide accommodation, warmth and food for each child. Regular monthly donations are a guaranteed way to ensure that your generosity provides an uninterrupted high quality education, paying local teachers a fair wage.


The school depends 100% on the generosity and kindness of volunteers. Some are able to visit Nepal to meet the children and teachers, supervise sports and arts events… everyone discovers ways to contribute. Others volunteer from home by raising funds.


In the early years we collected clothes, books etc and sent parcels to the school. Then when Nepalese customs began charging import duties we started selling the collected items on ebay and buying materials in Nepal – while supporting the local economy.


Volunteers have raised funds through ice-bucket challenges, cycle rides, coffee mornings, evening dinners… why not be the first to parachute? It’s a fun way to involve friends while helping our little school.