We are a dedicated team of volunteers, helping to raise funds, offering our free time and skills to support the successful and efficient running of Shamrock School Nepal.

The school which was founded by ex-Gurkha Captain Duncan Cradden in 2006 is managed by our resident volunteer Michael Newton. QUALITY TEACHING is provided by local Nepalese teachers through the medium of English, resulting in underprivileged children achieving more than if they had not lived and learnt at SHAMROCK SCHOOL.

After volunteering with refurbishment, teacher training and spending time with the children at the school, we have pledged to help as best we can in the future – We are following up on our pledges by raising funds and organizing opportunities for volunteers to offer their skills at the school.

Our principal financial contributors are the Cheltenham College, The White Horse Federation all based in the UK.

100% of all donations collected are allocated to funding specific projects such as (1) hiring qualified teachers of Mathematics, English, Humanities and Science (2) Support for pupils who apply to study at colleges and universities in Nepal and abroad (3) A new generator to power the school during “daily” power cuts.

We also fund the running costs of rent and maintenance of the school buildings and equipment, children’s food, books and uniforms, fuel, water and electricity.

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