Nanou André

It only takes an encounter at the right time and the right place to change totally a life… it has been my …


Harriette, Emily, Camilla

We are so happy and proud to have been among the first volunteers to visit the school. The memories of Shamrock will …


Lucy & Darcey

The children were an inspiration in themselves. Despite only being there for such a short amount of time I was able to …

maelle teaching

Maëlle André

Where to start? Shamrock is more than just an experience for me, it is a part of my family now.I can say …


Gordon & Fiona Busbridge

How and where to begin? We came out here not really knowing what to expect but with our limited experience of Ladakhi …


Ann Phie

I spent a month at Pokhara and got to meet and work with the staff and pupils from Gyanodaya Secondary School. The …


Annie Winstone

Shamrock for me offered a service – Their service was that they restored my faith in the future of humanity. If it …


Mary Palmer

Mary is an International educator with extensive experience and total dedication.Mary visited Shamrock  School  for the first time in October 2010, after …


Oliver Dunn

Oliver Dunn who went out to Nepal for a month with his brother Laurence Summer 2014.At the time Oliver was 17yrs (studying A levels) and Laurence 19yrs (gap year pre-dgree at Newcastle Uni studying English).


Josh Ashley-Collins

Josh Ashley-Collins who came with his girlfriend at the time - for a month in the summer of 2013 after his first year a Sussex University (studying Business Management).


Matthew Martin

Matthew Martin spent six weeks during the summer of 2009. A truly life changing experience. At the time Matthew was at teacher training college, Roehampton University

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