A simple screen and projector can be used not only as a cinema, but also to teach (especially IT) Nepal can be a very dusty place – if anyone can solve the problem of dust damaging our computers we would be very grateful to hear from you.


If you have a laptop you no longer need, we can arrange to put you in contact with our next volunteer who is going out the school and who will personally see that it is delivered to the principal on your behalf. We also need a colour printer, a digital camera and video camera…


Once a year we provide teacher training to all our teachers based on TEFL and Experiential Learning methodology. We are always looking for volunteer teaching professionals who are able to observe our teachers in action and then to coach them towards new, innovative, proactive, creative and effective ways of teaching which help our pupils not only to achieve high grades but also to ENJOY LEARNING.


The children (some of whom are orphans) live in the school. We need role model volunteer helpers to assist them with extra curricular activities such as homework, sports, music, amateur dramatics etc. and simply to be there for them when they need a big brother/sister figure to help them with life outside of the classroom.


Over the years we have received many kind donations of books and teaching materials. Unfortunately the customs authorities levy import taxes more than the value of the books themselves – So now we collect money to buy the same books locally at a fraction of the cost.


We invite teachers and children to submit a “business plan” to the principal, outlining the costs and benefits of educational projects which may require new equipment or travel.

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