Quality education is not available to so many poor children in Nepal. Many intelligent children born into small, subsistence-farming communities in villages high in the Himalayas, who dream of one day becoming a nurses, teachers or doctors, never get the chance to rise above a basic primary school education. The children at Shamrock school experience so much more. They follow the Nepali national curriculum through the medium of English - They are visited by volunteers from around the world - They are inspired and educated through experiential learning methods - While appreciating what their own culture has to offer, they learn about the opportunities of the world outside their mountainous borders These children aspire to be doctors, engineers, nurses and teachers... Some of our students are disabled, Some are orphans, all come from financially poor backgrounds and... ALL of them want to learn

A Brief Introduction

We are a dedicated team of volunteers, helping to raise funds, offering our free time and skills to support the successful and efficient running of Shamrock School Nepal. The school which was founded by ex-Gurkha Captain Duncan Cradden in 2006 is managed by our resident volunteer Michael Newton. QUALITY TEACHING is provided by local Nepalese teachers through the medium of English, resulting in underprivileged children achieving more than if they had not lived and learnt at SHAMROCK SCHOOL. After volunteering with refurbishment, teacher training and spending time with the children at the school, we have pledged to help as best we can in the future - We are following up on our pledges by raising funds and organizing opportunities for volunteers to offer their skills at the school.

Student’s writing published in the English National Daily Newspaper.

Writing Published in National Newspaper Bandana Bhujel, student of Class 10's article on Internet, Greatest Invention was published in English ...
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Lauren’s birthday fundraiser for SHAMROCK EDUCATIONAL TRUST

Fundraiser for SHAMROCK EDUCATIONAL TRUST by Lauren Costello ...
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Go fund me.

https://www.gofundme.com/f/saving-shamrock-school-nepal?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 ...
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How do we celebrate Tihar?

Ram BK (Class 10) Tihar, the festival of lights is one of the most important festivals of all festivals celebrated ...
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A total of 46 candidates from various regions of Nepal applied for the class 5 entrance exam. Out of them, ...
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We dedicate 100% of our funds to “learning”. A regular contribution of only £12.50 per month will help educate a child/change a life. A further £40 provides food, shelter and clothing. We are grateful for every donation, large and small.


£12.50 per month pays for the teaching costs of one child. A further £40 per month to provide accommodation, warmth and food for each child. Regular monthly donations are a guaranteed way to ensure that your generosity provides an uninterrupted high quality education, paying local teachers a fair wage.


The school depends 100% on the generosity and kindness of volunteers. Some are able to visit Nepal to meet the children and teachers, supervise sports and arts events… everyone discovers ways to contribute. Others volunteer from home by raising funds.


In the early years we collected clothes, books etc and sent parcels to the school. Then when Nepalese customs began charging import duties we started selling the collected items on ebay and buying materials in Nepal – while supporting the local economy.


Volunteers have raised funds through ice-bucket challenges, cycle rides, coffee mornings, evening dinners… why not be the first to parachute? It’s a fun way to involve friends while helping our little school.

Fundraising event in Barcelona

Fundraising event at Barcelona to support SHAMROCK SCHOOL in Nepal. A big THANKS to Mary Palmer for organising this and ...
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Fundraising dinner in Barcelona

A big THANK YOU to Mary Palmer for all her hard work, dedication and continuous support 💙🙏 Anyone near Barcelona ...
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