Three Teacher Training Sessions per year

For the first 10 years we provided a one-week teacher training session every year. These sessions were based on Experiential Learning techniques, NLP and Learning Style Preferences awareness. From 2016 The White Horse Federation is supporting our efforts by sending out 3 pairs of highly trained volunteer teacher trainers to help our young teaching staff. As in the past we will also offer this cost-free training to teachers from government schools in the district.

Teachers spend the mornings learning that children learn best when they are challenged. If it’s too easy they become bored, if too difficult then they can become frustrated or simply disengage. By introducing creative and challenging activities we transform the class into a “discovery zone”. The afternoons are spent in the classrooms… trying out the activities for real. Teams of four teachers enter the classroom (one to teach and three to observe) There are four rounds of teaching practice every afternoon. Everyone is given constructive feedback by their peers and by the teacher trainers. The children are also given a feedback form asking them how they “experienced” the lesson.