Ex Pupil Story: Kritika Sharma

On the 20th of February 2017, KRITIKA SHARMA, the first SHAMROCK student to complete BBA attended her graduation ceremony at Pokhara University in the presence of the president of Nepal, Bidhya Bhandari. KRITIKA was included on the DEAN’S LIST with a GPA 3.79 in the recognition of an outstanding meritorious achievement.

I arrived at Shamrock crying and reluctant in 2008, the second year of its establishment. I lived in Shamrock for three years and sadly had to leave after completing class 10. I was struggling with my English at the beginning but I found the ways I could improve. I remember selling the highest number of Romeo and Juliet drama tickets from time to time to tourists from around the world using my ‘tutfut’ English!

Because of my time in shamrock, I have gained confidence, self-esteem, gained debating skills and many life skills. I was taught to respect human beings equally and adore the nature we live in. It has been 8 years since Duncan Cradden, the founder of Shamrock gave us a talk on litter picking and the bad habit of spitting. Since that time, I have implemented those attitudes every day in my life. I will always have great respect for all those people who brought out the best in me through Shamrock.

Today, I am the top BBA student in my college in Pokhara, Nepal. My future plan is to apply for a master degree in one of the prestigious universities in the USA or the UK; looking towards a career in government, economics, or politics. My areas of interest are: foreign policy, international relations, economics, politics, and philosophy.

I have grown immensely as a human being through my association with Shamrock and I am, certainly, proud to be known as a Shamrockian.

Never give up! – Kritika Sharma