New murals in the school by We Art One

A BIG THANK YOU for your donations & to all the volunteers. You helped us making this possible On behalf of We Art One & Shamrock School Nepal!

The first mural (inside the school) represent the main educational topics… With goddess Saraswati in the middle, symbol of knowledge and wisdom. From space, sports, animals, nature, sciences to arts, dance, music, multi medias, literature, religion, … All Leading to wisdom and knowledge and self empowerment… A rainbow of colors to inspire those children to be curious, cultivated, to dream big and follow their dreams…

The second mural (outside the school), represent a vision of a dreamy garden, with flowers and trees blossoming, along with a poem talking about the seeds of knowledge and how important is to cultivate our minds…

Volunteers @ Learning House & Michelle Welsch + Burton Jean-Philippe + Gandhi de la Torre + Jérémie Kergroach @ Purple Sun Brussels + Mary Palmer + Julien Hubert + Andy Ryder + Tamara Steiner + Anne Wies & Lucie Hms + Francine Hiver Mural project by Maëlle André Ranjitkar & Nanou D.André

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