Oliver Dunn

Oliver Dunn went out to Nepal for a month with his brother, Laurence Summer in 2014. At the time Oliver was a 17 year old A level student and Laurence who was 19 was on his pre-degree gap year before studying English at Newcastle University.

What Oliver has to say…
“The only thing more beautiful than the Nepalese landscape is the people. Whilst teaching English to some of the younger students, I often found myself learning lessons about life. Shamrock School provides an environment in which the children can grow, be happy, and perhaps most importantly, are allowed to be children, in a world where they would normally be forced to grow up too quickly. My memories and experiences of Shamrock, Pokhara, and all the people I was blessed to meet, are ones that I will never forget. They truly changed both my life, and my perspective of the world forever.”