Ex Pupil Story: Sujit Tripathi

One day there was a phone call for my father. He was not around so I took the call. I heard someone speaking in English; at first I wondered what it could be about. Now I know that this was the turning point in my life.

I joined shamrock school in 2007 and journey from there have been totally on a different level ranging from learning to speak in English to auditing the financial statements of companies. From playing a familiar game of football to Playing rugby and baseball, I experienced how it feels to go for an adventure of rafting in the Trisuli river and Ultralight flying.

Of so many things that I have learned from Shamrock; “Learning is change”, is very close to my heart. Shamrock taught me never to stop learning, never to stop dreaming. Because of such things, In 2012 I was able to be a Top 10 Science student in Nepal. So whatever I achieve, I always spend a few minutes to think, “what if I had not been not taught at shamrock?” Shamrock school helped me to change from the traditional mentality and live my life with a different approach. It taught me not to be a sheep but to be a Leader.

I am very thankful to Mr Duncan Cradden & Ms Sushila Thapa, who provided me such an opportunity and to Mr Andy Ryder for helping me learn. My seniors Kushal Sunuwar & Nikita Gurung, for whom I have a massive respect helped me during my stay in shamrock. I made so many wonderful friends with whom I share a special bond of brotherhood.

Now I am in my final year of Chartered Accountancy in New Delhi, India, then I will be serving the corporates with various services such as Audit & Assurance, Risk Advisory, Taxation and so on. This could not have been possible had there been no Shamrock in my life.

It is my responsibility to honor and thank Shamrock for changing my life, giving me a platform to grow. I wish everyone in Nepal gets a school like shamrock where they are taught about approach, Planning and living.

Thank You, Shamrock – Sujit Tripathi