Ex Pupil Story: Anu Ale Magar

My name is Anu Ale Magar from Nawalpur. I am one of the former students of Shamrock School and feel very privileged to be a part of the Shamrock family.
In 2012 AD, I was selected to join Shamrock through a competitive entrance examination.  It was an amazing opportunity for me because the boarding school  in my village is only up to class 5 and the quality of education is incomparable to Shamrock. 

I lived in Shamrock for 6 years.  Shamrock has provided me quality education, educational resources, food, accommodation and other uncountable facilities. Teachers, hostel wardens, friends, senior brothers and sisters were cooperative, supportive, caring and helpful. The best part of Shamrock is that, it doesn’t only focus on the academic curriculum but gives equal priority to extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, cooking, painting, hiking etc. I remember celebrating festivals and birthdays together and wish I could go back to those golden days. In Shamrock I grew up with the spirit of never giving up. I became more confident, determined and hardworking. I learned many skills: from making my own bed to making my own life decisions, from being punctual to being disciplined.
In 2018, I passed grade 10 with very high marks and left Shamrock for my further studies.  I came to Chitwan which is near my village and studied class 11 and 12 in science at Gurukul College with a full scholarship.  Recently, I passed another competitive exam of IOE (Institute of Engineering) and qualified with a full scholarship  to study a degree in computer engineering in the Western Regional Campus located in Lamachaur, Pokhara.

For all these achievements,  a massive thank you to Shamrock School Nepal which is indeed a family for needy, underprivileged and talented students.