Ex Pupil Story: Hem Gurung

Namaste!  My name is Hem Bahadur Gurung. Before my education at Shamrock, I was a young underprivileged boy lacking confidence, talent and creativity besides having a missing hand. I was amazed to see the environment at Shamrock on my first day. It was paradise to my eyes!

Initially I scored low marks academically yet that soon changed thanks to the sudden growth in motivation and self confidence. It made me realize I wasn’t an underprivileged boy with no talent after all. 

The teachers were the best part in my learning process and experience at Shamrock.  Currently, I am a teacher at Shree Sitaram Ma Bi government school in my village. I teach computers and English. I also make YouTube videos that consist mainly of rap songs.  In recent years people are starting to recognise me as a creator. I mainly sing and act, which are skills I developed while at Shamrock.

Shamrock’s mantra “NEVER GIVE UP” has helped me follow my dreams and achieve success.

Shamrock will always be my home.  Thank you very much to the Shamrock supporters and donors for providing quality education to us.