How do we celebrate Tihar by Ram BK

Tihar, the festival of lights is one of the most important festivals of all festivals celebrated in Nepal. People worship Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. Also Tihar is celebrated to improve and strengthen the relationship of brother and sister. During Tihar, people decorate their houses with lights, candles and oil lamps so, the entire village or city looks very bright in the night. The place looks so light, beautiful and fascinating. Tihar is celebrated for bringing joy and prosperity in life.

Tihar lasts for 5 days and on each day different animal or god is worshipped. The first day is known as ‘Kaag tihar’ on this day people worship crow as they are believed to be our messengers. The second day is called ‘Kukur Tihar’ on this day dogs are worshipped. Dogs are our guardian so on this day we put tika on the forehead of dogs and we give them delicious meals. The third is the most important day of the festival. It is called ‘Laxmi puja’, the day when people worship the goddess of wealth and cow too. The fourth day is called the ‘Goru puja’ , on this day Oxen are worshipped and  they are offered  delicious meal. The last day of Tihar is ‘Vai Tika’ . On this day sisters worship their brothers with delicious food and gifts.

The beautiful festival of lights comes to an end after these five days of worshiping and celebration. Tihar also teaches us to respect animals that are close to us. Tihar provides us an opportunity to be with our friends and relatives and enjoy yummy and tasty foods, new wearings, and playing games.

Ram BK (Class 10)