Laundry In Shamrock Then and Now

Here at Shamrock us older students still remember how we used to do laundry. On a Friday after lunch we would have to walk for 40 minutes to reach ‘Sedi’, where we would wash our clothes in the stream.

We then had to carry our clothes back, heavier and wet for another 40 minutes. During Winter the stream would dry up so we used to have a very hard time doing our laundry with insufficient water. In addition, the water sometimes used to be very dirty. We will never forget how difficult it was! Now however, because of investment and the change in location of the school in Pokhara, there are no such problems as the ones we had back then.

We have plenty of rooms and enough space for laundry in the school. We also have enough buckets, clean water and space to dry our laundry. We just can’t tell you how happy we are with Shamrock’s improvement!