How the skills I learned in Shamrock helped me by Sunami Tamang

I am Sunami Tamang and I have been at Shamrock for four years. Shamrock was a completely new place for me. For a few months it was very difficult to adjust to such a new environment. As the time passed by, I learned many new things from my seniors, teachers and volunteers. Every morning we have to do our duties in respective areas which include cleaning, washing and chopping up food for meals. Furthermore we do our laundry on Fridays. In the last vacation, I utilized the skills that I have learnt while at Shamrock at home with my family. I was able to help my parents with housework such as washing dishes, clothes, cooking meals and keeping the house clean. As you can see Shamrock not only provides us with a good education, but allows us to learn good practical skills, that we can utilize in our day to day lives both now and after we leave Shamrock. It has changed my behavior massively!