Ex Pupil Story: Prem KC

I joined shamrock in 2006 since the school started. Everything was quiet new for me but as the time went away things get better. For me, being the part of shamrock family for 5 years i unforgotable. I had got chances to learn many new things apart from the studies.
The most important things that i gained from shamrock is about networking and how to communicate with the people around us. Being a senior student of the school, it was somehow challenging for me to become a good example for junior brothers and sister. I have had got great experiences both as a student and teacher at a same time. I was given a great opportunity during my college level (class 11 and 12) as a part time teacher which helped to develop confidence, challenges the problem and most importantly i would say it was a Experiential learning for me.
Currently i am doing my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Biology in the University of Applied sciences in Bonn, Germany. The numerous experiences that i received during my stay in shamrock are more than useful here. Lastly i would like to thanks to each and everyone who had supported directly and indirectly to make me feel happy and extremely proud to be a Part of Lovely Family(shamrock).

vielen Dank, shamrock

Never Give up !

Schöne Grüße