Ex Pupil Story: Nikita Gurung

“Time flies but not memories”. Shamrock has been running for ten years now. I spent six years of my life in Shamrock and these six years that I spent in Shamrock became an irreplaceable experience for me. Shamrock helped me to bring out the best in me. Being the first batch of this school, I got the chance to be one of the school captains as well as involved in various activities and of course it helped me to build my confidence. I’ll give all the credits to shamrock for making me who I am today.

Moreover, the opportunity that shamrock gave me to be an educator for 3 and half years is very fruitful to me. I have been able to reflect on my experiences and learn so much more about who I am becoming as a teacher, and how much I have grown as an individual. Through the process of planning and teaching I have gained a deeper understanding and awareness of my role in the teaching profession.

Now I’m on my last year of bachelor’s degree in education in HELP University, Malaysia. It is not only the wonderful study experience but also is the privilege of learning about other cultures, beliefs and perspectives. I’m also looking forward to do my masters in special needs education in future. Recently, I’ve completed my 16 weeks of practicum in one the schools here. It wouldn’t be that easy for me to complete my practicum if I didn’t have any experience of teaching in shamrock. All those teaching trainings that I received in shamrock have truly enriched me in many ways.

I’m very grateful that I had this golden opportunity to study in Shamrock. It is now a part of me.

Thank you!