Tom’s English lesson by Kamal Thada

As Shamrock is a charity school, we rely heavily on the goodwill of others. People who volunteer to help at Shamrock come from all over the world, from America to Japan! We always enjoy interacting with people from outside Nepal.

Tom is one of the volunteers who has been helping at Shamrock School. He is English and has helped us massively in improving our own English speaking, listening and writing. He takes English Orals with class 8 to class 10, where we have a conversation one on one. Afterwards he goes through all good things, but mainly the mistakes we made! It has really helped us to improve our confidence at English speaking. Apart from that he helps us with Cricket and other sport by taking us very early in the morning (5 am!) before school and sometimes after school as well! He also takes English classes with students, focusing on improving our vocabulary and confidence in speaking English.

More over, he is encouraging, supportive and inspiring. Most of all, he is a great friend. We all enjoy spending time with Tom, both inside and outside the classroom.