World environment day by Class 8

World environment day was established by the UN General assembly in 1972. It is celebrated on the 5th of June in every year. It is also known as eco day. It is done for raising awareness on emerging human over population, marine pollution, global warming, wildlife crime and so on.

We, the students from shamrock also celebrate world environment day every year by cleaning our society. This year as well we cleaned the community by collecting the trash and litters around. We were divided among houses where the teachers guided us.

When the local people saw us cleaning the roads, they were highly influenced by our effort and were very grateful towards us for fulfilling the social responsibility. This has probably given a message to the public about the awareness about environmental sanitation.

To promote the world environment day, we shamrock student also made some beautiful handicrafts from recycled materials. Shamrock has taught us to not only care for ourselves, but also become a socially responsible human being. We believe that this small initiation of social activity by us will create a positive impact on our society.

By Class 8