Ex Pupil Story: Bikendra Gurung

Namaste. I am Bikendra Gurung. I joined Shamrock in 2007, the second year of its establishment. I was at Shamrock for 8 years. 4 years as a student (2007 – 2011), and 4 years as a teacher (2011 – 2015).

It is not so easy to put into words how grateful I am for everything I have received from Shamrock. Apart from receiving a quality education, I have gotten a place I can and will always call home, people whom I can always call family, life-long friends, self-confidence, skills I can always rely on, and life lessons I always refer to.

After leaving Shamrock, I came to Melbourne, Australia in mid-2015 for my higher education in Information Technology. Coming to Melbourne and learning to adapt to life here was quite a challenge in the early months, yet a great learning curve at the same time.  Despite the challenges, I feel that I have achieved quite a lot personally and professionally.

Some of the highlights of my personal achievements include; forming an international student association for the welfare of international students in the institution I was studying at, leading the association as a vice-president, winning an award for the best student project of the year, and being nominated for outstanding vocational student of the year award.

In terms of my professional achievement, after my first year of study, I got offered an internship in the ICT Services Department at the institution which led to obtaining a job as a Service Management Officer. I was studying and working at the same institution for the following 2 years.  After I graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology in 2018, I was offered a full-time role in my position as a Service Management Officer.  The following year, I got promoted to work as a Systems Development Engineer which is something that I have always wanted to achieve.

I would like to give credit to Shamrock for my personal and professional achievements so far.  The skills and life lessons that I have learned at Shamrock have contributed so much to my personal and professional achievements.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Shamrock who has supported me.

I will always continue to support Shamrock in any way I can.