Soyana Sunar

My school life memories

It was a golden period of my life when I was a schoolgirl. For me sweet are the memories of the school- days. Memorable moment in school life moves in front of my eyes. I spent 8 years of my childhood in a small and beautiful Shamrock school. I was Just 9 years when I first came to shamrock school. Shamrock was completely new concept for me. I was the first year (2006) student where I begin my beautiful school life with shamrock family. A

Students like to take part in various activities – be it sports, choir or drama. Getting involved is an interesting and fun way to build the relationship with other students as we were staying as a bunch of families, to learn something new and challenge you. I’ve had one of the best experiences at shamrock. Once I finish my school life at the age of 16 I had a chance of teaching and supervising as a female warden at shamrock. Those were the best moment for me.

Today I am in Malaysia for further studies. During my stay in Malaysia I’ve been involved many indoor and outdoor activities like female futsal player 2 years as part of my university, Hiking, running, community services and definitely dancer from international Nepali students. I’ve won the Book prize the best achiever in elementary law in 2014. I have been certify and won the medal in different activities from Help University. I have recently graduated from university with a diploma in business. So at the moment I would like to take some time out of my academics to have a different life experience as I am going to apply for a job in Malaysia as well as other countries. No matter where I go my school can be called the best. What you actually learn in here remains with you till the end of your days. When I realize the basic truth and all the values of life given to me during the school year, such as honesty, respect to your elders, discipline, self respect and sufficient knowledge in perspective areas given me an opportunity to build a well structured “A+” essay that will recollect the sweetest memories of all those bygone days make me smile even today! Thank you to everyone who made my life very cheerful during stay in school

I cherish today as sweet memories.


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