Plans for my Dashain & Tihar Vacation by Sandesh B.K

Our Dashain and Tihar vacation starts from Sept 7 and the date to return back to school is Oct 31st. I am very excited for the vacation. I have plans for my Dashain vacation.

In my vacation, I will go to my village and meet my friends and family. I will help my family in panting the house and in other household works which I have learned in Shamrock School. I will play with my friends, brothers and sisters. The main day of Dashain falls on Oct 8. This day is very special to all Nepalese. On this day, my mom will put tika on my forehead and bless me. I will eat delicious food. After Dashain, I will be preparing for Tihar (DeusiBhailo). DeusiBhailo is played before two days from the main day. I will dance, sing with my friends in Tihar. And when the main day (Vaitika) comes, which in on Oct 29, my sister will put tika of seven colors on my forehead and put a garland around my neck. She will give me gifts and I will also give her something in return. Then, I will eat roti (made of flour in round shape) with my family.

I will play swing. I will do my homework and prepare myself for my school. After few days, I will be back in school.

Sandsh B.K (Class 7)