Waste Management by Pratikshya Subedi Class 7

You can find a healthy environment in Shamrock School. We clean our school everyday. We all work together to make our school neat and clean.  It has taught us the way to manage our waste properly. 

To manage wastes properly, we have dustbins in every rooms and bathrooms in Shamrock. We empty those bins every day. We have got two big  compost bins and three big bins for plastics, papers and metals. All the wastes are thrown to the respective big bins. As there are degradable waste and non-degradable waste, degradable waste that comes from kitchen-left over, peeled skin of potatoes and so on are collected in  the compost bins. When it is full, the senior students of our school calls the man who works in the pig farm. The man comes and takes it for their pigs. On the other hand, every Saturday or Friday,  the Municipality Waste management vehicle comes to collect  non-degradable waste. They take all the wastes to the dumping site. And wastes like metal, bottles, cans can be recycled. So either we re use it or we sell it .

(Pratikshya Subedi, Class 7)